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As befits a blog with the title “PortableIZE”, this very first post comes straight from my mobile phone, a Nokia 9500 Communicator connected by GPRS to the big bad internet.What will this blog be about? What does Portableize mean?

Portablize means pretty much what it says - taking your Computing and Internet life portable.

There are several approaches to going portable - portableizing yourself. USB drives of all types are getting cheaper and as storage capacity grows they are a viable candidate. Why tie yourself to one computer when with a USB drive you can carry everything with you, and work with it from any PC with a USB port? The Portableize blog will be looking at the latest USB storage devices, as well as the software and technology needed to really get the best from them.

There are online solutions too. The so-called online storage market has recently woken up to the huge demand from people wanting to store their ’stuff’ online. What was once mostly a corporate and small-medium business market is now targeting also individuals who want to do much more than back-up their data. They want to stream music, share videos, run applications, sync contacts, and so on. Online services address all this and more, and Portableize will be looking at the providers and analyzing the services.

So, that’s it. Portableize is a path - at the moment a narrow track, but sometime for sure it will become a broad highway. Everyone knows the freedom that comes from having a laptop PC instead of a desktop, but more and more people are understanding the freedom that comes from having NO PC at all… just a hard drive in your pocket.

I hope you enjoy Portableize. I know I will!

Quicklode - Simon Richards.

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